Since 1986, we have specialized  in building custom computers for businesses and home users.    We use standard micro tower cases,  authorized Intel CPU’s and high speed  memory as well as other quality components supplying a system that is cost effective, easy to change or add parts to and reliable!  Other case styles and options available..              Contact us!

        Intel_i5     HTPC200BA03    Intel-NUC-Computer-Case-Chasis-sin-ventilador-Zero-Noise-Montaje-VESA-DCP847SK-D33217GKE copy   20140701111626_36860    Core-i7-logo-small_1

Windows 10–startmenue 151862
Windows 10–startmenue 151862
Windows 10 Erscheint Voraussichtlich Herbst Finaler Fassung 152450
Gigabyte H61 Motherboard GA H61M USB3 B3
Windows 10 Deutlichen Unterschied Windows 8 Spuerbar–142154
Gigabyte Board
Case2 300×300

Providing computer parts and hardware, hard drives, software, Laptops and Netbooks, Printers, network switches, routers and all office technology needs!  Local, reliable and economical service is always available.  Contact us anytime!