weBoost (Formerly Wilson Electronics) Strengthens Your Cellular Signal

We strengthen your cellular signal to provide consistent and seamless communications—in both voice and data—wherever you go. Call, text, share and connect with the peace of mind that your world is always within reach from virtually anywhere and at any time. To put it simply, weBoost strengthens your cellular signal.

Signal Boosters for Your Home or Office
From your home to your workplace and even on the go, we improve the way you experience everyday wireless communications by providing stronger, more reliable cellular signals while simultaneously enhancing your ability to receive and transmit data. At weBoost, we provide the industry’s most advanced line of cellular signal boosters that work with cellular networks and carriers worldwide.

PC-Consulting is an authorized WeBoost reseller and Certified Installer of cell phone signal booster systems.  If you or someone you know is experiencing poor voice or data cell signal, we can help.      At your business or home!    Call us to discuss all the options…